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Snake Skin Shed Bottle Necklace Party Favor Packs

Snake Skin Shed Bottle Necklace Party Favor Packs

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Product Details

In these bottles, contain snake sheds from our snakes at Realm of The Reptile. Our snakes shed their skins when they are growing, and instead of throwing the sheds away, we thought it would be cool to make into a necklace. This necklace shows off your love of nature and snakes to the world around you.

These necklaces would be a perfect favor for your next party. 

A minimum of 10 necklaces must be ordered at a time. 

    • Product Specifications
      • Snake skin from our Realm of the Reptile snakes
      • Glass bottle with cork top and a stainless steel eye screw.
      • 5mm bezel chain opening
      • Cord 19” long (including latch)

Shipping Information: All necklace items are premade and are ready to ship in 1-3 business days.

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